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Campaign for Real Ale

Regional Director Election

An election to select the Regional Director of the South West CAMRA region. will be held at the 22 Jun 2024 Regional Meeting . Ian Packham has been appointed as the administrator for the election.

If any CAMRA members are interested in being nominated, they must send their nomination by email to Ian Packham at ku.gro.armac@mahkcap.nai by the deadline of Friday 19 April. Any nomination must give the name of the nominee wishing to stand, together with names of both a Proposer and Seconder who are CAMRA members from different branches. The Proposer and Seconder must also email Ian confirming that they are proposing or seconding the nominee, also giving their name and branch. In addition the nominee must supply a short biography about themselves and why they feel they should have the position of regional director. Again this must be sent to Ian Packham by 19 April.

The current regional director, Peter Bridle, is seeking re-election.

Here are links to Regional Director Role Description and the Regional Director election process.

Following the deadline a list of the candidates and their biographies will be sent to all branches and sub-branches in the region in order to give them time to discuss the candidates at either live or virtual branch or sub-branch meetings. If there is a single candidate, then the branches or sub-branches should consider if they are willing to endorse that person for a period of one year if a new candidate, or three years for an existing candidate (see Branch Considerations section of the election process for further details). For two or more candidates branches should decide on the rank order of the candidates and if any would not be endorsed by them.

The candidates will have an opportunity to make a short address at the Regional Meeting on Saturday 22 June and field questions. If there are other candidates, they will be asked to leave the room during these addresses. A discussion about the candidates can take place without them being present. Following this, branches will hand in the ballot papers to Ian Packham. Please note that it is one vote per branch or sub-branch. Bath & Borders branch plan to send representatives.

The result will be announced at the regional meeting with the decision then being made as to whether the regional director term is one year or three years.